About our Company ...

Founded by Robert Wild, Wild Bob Productions & Consulting Inc. is the result of Bob’s 20+ years of experience in marketing campaigns. Real Estate Developers, The Construction industry, Architectural Firms, Marketers, Educational Institutes and Government Organizations are a few of our clients. We are committed to producing the highest quality productions that improve your sales and provide your customers with an incredible interactive experience. Our focus on quality is second to none. Our experience in the Real Estate Industry and our constant search for emerging technologies has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Us ?

If you have a business then one of your primary goals is to reach and attract more customers. The best way of doing this today is by using online video content. Demonstrate your products, explain processes, engage and educate the audience far quicker than having them trawl through a text heavy website. In addition, you should allow viewers to share your video via the social networks, spreading your message worldwide. With the right message and high impact video production, this can happen extremely fast. Videos can create that "WOW" effect and strong visual impact that you're looking for in order to attract potential clients, customers or investors.

Our services ...

1. HD Video productions

We specialize in the production of commercials and take pride in being innovative and collaborative. When it comes to agency work, we pay close attention to both the product and process. We understand all the decisions that need to be made and can support you in every way possible. We're boutique by design so we can put the whole company behind your project and stay involved in it right to the end.

2. Aerial HD Video & Photography

Wild Bob Productions & Consulting Inc. uses the best aerial video photography equipment in combination with talented video/cinema photographers to get the highest quality HD videos possible.

3. 3D Modeling & Animation

To make your marketing format much more powerful we are using 3D Modeling & Animation. 3D graphics becomes more and more popular visual communication medium throughout the Globe. Maybe you're looking for someone who can create an animated commercial or promotional video for your product? Need stunning visual effects for film production? Well, then we are here for you.

4. Websites

From web site design to hosting to updates, maintenance & follow up support! We want to make having a website as easy as possible for you. You provide us with the content materials such as text and photos, and we build the website for you. We will take the time to learn about your company or organization and custom design your website to ensure that it meets your business objectives. The less clicks the better to allow visitors to find the information they want quickly and easily.

5. Interactive systems

Integrate interactive lot/community maps on to your Website and touch screen TVs in your sales to effectively communicate with your clients.

  • Interactive floor plans are the next best thing to being there.
  • Location maps can show where one or more homes are located.
  • Subdivision maps can show available lots, price, size and other features for each lot.
  • Aerial photographs of a neighborhood help locate schools, shopping or other attractions.
  • Vacation rental properties – give viewers a sense of the area.

6. Creative Marketing Campaigns

  • Branding and Graphic Design (Logo, Business Cards, Brochures, Bus benches, Billboards).
  • Sales center design inside and out.
  • Project Management.
  • Social Media.
  • BluRay CD & DVD production.
  • And so much more…